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"Rationality of thought imposes a limit on a person's concept of his relation to the cosmos."
- J.F. Nash


COBOL programmer. Been in the scene since the IRCnet was founded; had my ups and downs, been there, done (bad) things.

Vroom Vroom

Love cars, fast cars.
My lipstick is Japanischer Rot.
I traveled three times the distance Earth-Moon.


I tell stories: for people, for companies, for students.
Currently teaching communication and reputation at UniMilano and UniViterbo.

Behind the scene

I speak, write and cook Japanese.
I take questionable pictures. I have questionable friends. Apple fag. Movie lover.


📊 ransomfeed

Ransomfeed empowers businesses and individuals with datadriven insights on ransomware threats

Ransomfeed offers a comprehensive ransomware group monitoring service. By utilizing scraping techniques, which involve extracting data from various websites using software programs and organizing it systematically, Ransomfeed maintains a permanent RSS feed that contains all the reported claims.

By promptly detecting and analyzing these attacks, we are able to provide valuable insights to anyone seeking to comprehend the scope and progression of cyber threats. Our mission is to offer an essential and beneficial service to individuals and companies who wish to stay informed about the current ransomware situation in their country.

Businesses are encountering increasingly sophisticated attacks that can jeopardize sensitive information and the integrity of their systems. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have a clear and up-to-date understanding of the ransomware landscape in order to implement effective measures and mitigate potential risks.

By tailoring strategies to the unique characteristics of each industry, organizations can better protect themselves from potential threats and vulnerabilities.


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RdF - Rumore di Fondo